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   Welcome to Lingua Plus!

  • We specialize in language translation and interpretation services.

  • Our staff is made up of accomplished and experienced in-house translators and interpreters backed by a dynamic external network of carefully selected certified and specialized linguists.

  • Our clientele consists of private and public organizations, institutions, companies and individuals.


  • We translate most kinds of texts and documents from and into all major languages.

  • Each single project is realized by competent, proficient and expert translators in meticulous consonance with the subject matter and the language peculiarities specific to the addressed countries or ethnic communities.

  • We especially focus on the nature and requirements of each assignment.

  • Once completed, the translations undergo an exhaustive quality control procedure by proficient mother-tongue linguists to ensure their accuracy in terms of content, syntax and terminology.

  • We also provide Desk Top Publishing (DTP). Our graphic artists work on a wide range of software platforms and we return the translated projects ready to print and publish.

  • Time frames and deadlines are considered an essential part of our assignments and rigorously adhered to.


  • Our interpreters are versatile and can meet most interpreting needs including, but not limited to:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting at Conferences, Conventions and Congresses.

  • Consecutive and Whispered Interpreting at Business and Client Meetings, Political Debates, Interviews and Discussions, Medical Consultations, Employee Interviews, Depositions, Hearings, Recorded Statements etc.

  • Escort Interpreting at Official, Business, Study, Tourism and Leisure Trips.

  • Remote Interpreting through 3-way Telephone Communication and Video-conference.

   And last but not least...

  • We look back at more than 25 years of professional experience... worldwide.


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